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Tax Services:

Once an individual decides to become self-employed, they enter unfamiliar ground with new tax rules and regulations. Not only is the tax return important, but the information that is gathered to prepare the tax return becomes vital. For this reason, obtaining answers to tax questions throughout the year becomes a necessary tool for the proper completion of a tax return. We give all tax service clients access to our website and tools that are contained there. Education is a key component to proper tax planning; as well as proper guidance from qualified individuals. Our tax return services consist of:

  • Access to the eTax Advisors (advisory line):
  • Access to Certified Public Accountants on demand (during business hours):
    • Consult Professionals on tax issues and many of the financial accounting issues that affect your business
    • Partner with qualified Business Advisors to help make the correct tax and financial accounting decisions
    • Gain advice on how to set up your business properly
    • Get advice in all your tax planning needs
    • Learn when and how to file your tax forms for maximum benefit and lowest risk of audit.
    • Gain important information on how to reduce your taxable income
    • Ask about IRS communications and how to deal with them.
  • Access to our Tax Center website
  • Completion of one individual (or married filing jointly) and one business tax return
  • Audit resources in the event a client is audited
  • Penalty and interest payments for preparation errors made by our staff
  • CPE requirements for tax preparers